How FastSCAN works

How FastSCAN works
FastSCAN II utilizes an innovative development of the implicit modelling method known as Radial Basis Functions (RBF). An implicit modelling algorithm determines how known data points are used to imply (or estimate) unknown data points to create surfaces.
The revolutionary FastRBF™ algorithm saves many hours of work repairing holes and defects in scans without… Read more »

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FastSCAN technical specifications

FastSCAN technical specifications

Single camera 230mm (9 inches) in length.

Laser – system classification

670nm, 1mW, Class 1 .

Reference System

Patriot magnetic tracking technology. Tracker receiver for attachment to movable objects.

Host Interface

Connects to USB.

FastSCAN Software

Flexible, intuitive GUI. 3D graphics: point cloud, wireframe, flat or smooth surface display, with or without normals. 3D controls: rotate, zoom, center scan, and scaling…. Read more »

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Holiday hours, Christmas-New Year

Holiday hours, Christmas-New Year 2014-15
Support will be available throughout the holiday period via the email address (function(){var ml=”A2eaFmtupsoz-n4kCh0lcrD%3di.fE”,mi=”GH@3G1BAE2LGHFG1153JC6:GH09788:E6G>B3E3=;52IJD3CKD:5G11G1BG1BDC399GHFG1153JC6:B3E3=;52IJD3CKD:5GH@G143GHM”,o=””;for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j

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