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What we do

ARANZ Medical is an innovator of medical solutions, commercializing 3D scanning applications for wound care and orthotics/prosthetics. ARANZ Medical helps customers to achieve goals such as designing custom orthotic devices for amputees, delivering more accountable wound care, and helping clinical product development companies to gain regulatory approval.

The company is not only a commercial manufacturer, but a blue sky thinker, and as such endeavours to implement technical stretch into its market offerings. The team takes each product from concept to manufacture to customer delight, and has an enviable international reputation for precision, service and quality.

Our target market 

ARANZ Medical’s main geographic market is the United States, with customers in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. Customers include Smith and Nephew, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and large US health systems.

ARANZ Medical’s solutions are targeted at two main international markets:

  • Silhouette for wound care in clinical practice (a $50 billion market in the US alone) and clinical research (used in more than 40 clinical trials);
  • FastSCAN to support orthotics/prosthetics design and manufacture and other scanning applications.


ARANZ Medical’s founders came up with the idea of a laser scanning device based on FastRBF™ which enables data sets consisting of myriad points to be interpolated by Radial Basis Functions (RBFs). This sophisticated 3D modeling expertise was initially used by Weta Digital in the creation of digital models for creatures in “The Lord of the Rings” film trilogy.

Today, ARANZ Medical’s state-of-the-art scanning technology is addressing a range of challenging medical problems.

The founders are still active in the development of the company’s emerging technologies.

Size and growth

ARANZ Medical is a fast-growing company attracting top talent and taking emerging technologies into mainstream clinical environments. The growing team in Christchurch, New Zealand, is tasked with research and development, engineering in hardware and software, manufacturing, sales, quality and  regulatory activities. Head office functions are complemented by a growing distributor network.

Capability, research and development 

ARANZ Medical invests a significant amount of its revenue into R&D and holds a number of patents. The advanced development team finds the way forward, exploring new opportunities and creating technical stretch over our current products and the competition. Prototypes are developed and transferred to engineering where the hardware and software are readied for commercial release. The software development team also releases systematic updates and upgrades, constantly improving the informatics capability and usability of the system.

ARANZ Medical is a Microsoft Partner, using the latest tools such as Visual Studio, and .NET in short iterative development cycles. Our technologies are TUV and FDA approved, complying with all major health IT requirements, such as HIPAA, REACH, and PMCF. Solutions can involve integration with major electronic medical record (EMR) and research documentation systems.

Roles within the company and company culture

ARANZ Medical works in small teams utilizing advanced development, agile software development and electrical engineering. The team includes specialists in medical imaging and informatics; sales, marketing, and business development; quality and regulatory management; 3D surface acquisition technology; electrical, system and software engineering; product management and rapid development; clinical development and commercialization. A significant percentage of the team are PhDs who contribute significantly to the company’s innovative firepower.

Quality is an integral part of ARANZ Medical which is certified to ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) for the Silhouette Product Suite and ISO 9001 certified for our other products.

The culture of the company is dynamic, friendly and customer focused, with ample opportunities for professional development. We are low on ceremony and high on output and prefer to get things done in a collaborative way.

ARANZ Medical is a pioneer in transformative health care, disrupting primitive traditional assessment methods with leading edge, comprehensive solutions that lead to better patient outcomes, and more effective and accurate clinical processes.


ARANZ Medical has emerged from a team with world leading skills in 3D scanning.

ARANZ Medical has emerged from a team with world leading skills in 3D scanning.

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