The fast, portable real-time 3D scanner

The second generation FastSCAN simply, accurately, and rapidly digitizes 3D surfaces. Portable and hand-held, the scanner is passed over the surface and the 3D model develops in real-time.

Scan organic surfaces

FastSCAN can scan a wide range of non-metallic objects, including complex organic shapes which would normally be very difficult to scan. FastSCAN can be applied to many fields, including:

  • Film and animation;
  • Industrial and scientific research;
  • Archeology and artefact preservation;
  • Wigmaking;
  • Rapid prototyping;
  • Industrial design;
  • Surgical planning*;
  • Orthotics, prosthetics*.

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* Note: FastSCAN is not an approved medical device, nor is it certified for medical or bio-medical use. Any references to medical or bio-medical use are examples of what medical companies have done with the products after they have obtained all necessary or appropriate medical certifications. The end user/OEM/VAR must comply with all pertinent regulations pertaining to the development and sale of medical devices, such as FDA and all other regulatory requirements.